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How Can I Change My Hair Color In A Picture?

How Can I Change My Hair Color In A Picture?

Photo Works is not just a photo editor and it can change hair color. This is an easy photo editing program for PC. It will make change my hair color in a picture.

This is one of the image manipulations convenient and enjoyable for you. You are starting to download and install this hair photo editor on your computer. There are 3 simple steps of photo editor to change hair color the following:

Select a Suitable Photo

To change hair color online, you will need a proper photo and not every image will fit.

You can change hair color on a photo effectively, pick a portrait that meets the following requirements:

  • Hair is well visible and doesn’t cover the face
  • No filters or hair toning applied
  • No shadows or glares on hair.
  • Take a glance at the examples below and you will see what kinds of photos are unsuitable for this kind of editing. Having chosen one of the suchlike pictures, you will most probably get an unnatural or anesthetics effect.
  • Now that we have selected a suitable photo for enhancing, let’s recolor the hair on it.

Try Different Hair Colors on Your Picture

Launch PhotoWorks is one of adding the photo for digital hair coloring and you can select the Adjustment Brush tool.

Feather and opacity settings:

  • Choose how big, soft and clear it will be. With the brush, start painting over the hair to create a special mask layer.
  • After that, open the tone mapping tab. Click the color settings and on the palette shown to pick the hue you want to apply. Make the hair darker or lighter or even test hair colors like green or blue.
  • The way 2 layers mix with each other is important. There are no strict rules on what blending mode to choose, so feel free to experiment and see what you look like with different hair colors without the need to put on a wig.

Improve Your Portrait

Now, add the last artistic touch to make your photo perfect. Move to the Effects tab at the top of the program. There you’ll find a vast library of ready-made instant filters for your images:

Lighting, toning, vintage effects and quick enhancements.

You can try them all to preview the effect, just click on it, the program will apply it to your photo automatically.

The focus on the middle effect turns this pic into a cover photo.